Actor. Playwright



John Astin, actor and director, known for the role of Gomez Addams in The Addams Family

"Not only is Yiqing a most talented actor, she has a wonderful ear for sound and is so gifted in speech.She's also a knockout, with a face and performing skills that radiate intelligence, strength, and delicacy."

Genevieve de Mahy, artistic director of Single Carrot Theater, Baltimore, MD

"Yiqing has a natural and vivid imagination, unending enthusiasm and is a pleasure to work with. She is always engaged with a positive attitude and willingness to dive in head first to anything that comes her way."

Peter Dizozza, composer, writer and director of WAH Theater, New York City

"It is a pure pleasure to work with Yiqing. She is up for the task at hand, singing, acting, dancing and costuming. And her intelligence and unique perspectives will enhance this experience."